A Service Design team designing, producing and managing digital platforms and processes.

PupaHouse is a Global Sustaining Member of UXPA
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As PupaHouse, we provide services in the fields of User Analysis and Research, User Experience Design, User Interface Design and Production, and Conversion Rate Improvement.

In the digitalization process of a business idea, we provide services in different and complementary areas from creating and validating the business plan to user-oriented design and production, from conversion rate improvement to UI and UX development.

User Experience Research

We conduct intensive research to understand how users interact with a product / service and their behavioral motivations in this process.

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User Experience Design

We review all data and insights from the research and analysis process to design a good user experience. We create user flows, design wireframes and shape the product.

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User Interface Design

We design the draft screens and build the design library. For the final design, we perform user tests and make revisions when necessary.

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Software Production

We do digital platform production in a way that puts the business model and target audience at the center.

We continue to provide support after the production of the Web or App product goes live.

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By checking the internal and external SEO studies of the platform, we aim to increase category and word-based organic traffic. As a result of these analyzes, we itemize what needs to be done on the platform and prioritize them in accordance with the target.

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Performance Marketing

We manage the platform's paid-performance marketing in digital channels from end to end.

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Multi-Channel Strategy

We determine all channels, communication strategy, and resources where User/Customer interaction is made and targeted. We analyze and report the communication data we obtain.

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