A Successful D2C Example in Turkey

Kalekim Case Study

About the Customer

Kalekim has been active in the construction chemicals and paint sector for 46 years and its main sales channels are dealers, sub-dealers, project sales and craftsmen.

Recently, Kalekim decided to change his main painting brand to Bi’Boya. and strategically focused on online sales channels.

Kalekim Case Study


The client, who is already very strong in production and offline sales network, needed partners in two projects:

  • They wanted to dominate the sales in the painting supplies market with their new brand Bi’Boya.
  • They needed digital platforms for their dealers, sub-dealers and craftsman network. They also wanted us to provide them with better user experience and digital marketing management solutions.

Kalekim Case Study

Our Actions

During the D2C platform production process of, we performed user researches and data & benchmark analyses in digital channels. We defined personas through workshops and digital audience analyses. We documented the digital and operational strategies for the new platform.

After all this analysis process, we defined the UX and started working on the user interfaces.

Kalekim Case Study

Transition from B2B Products to D2C Products

We dramatically improved the digital capabilities of our client who already had very strong offline capabilities with a solid network of dealers and sub-dealers.

We conducted workshops and organized trainings to increase the digital awareness among all stakeholders.

Kalekim Case Study

Retail Sales with Digital Gamification

We added gamification to the platform in order to improve the buying decision processes of digital platform users. Traditionally, the sector by nature needed expert knowledge on products and this was one of the challenges for increasing sales on digital platforms.

Kalekim Case Study

Organic Content Channel:

An organic content site was created to provide traffic to

This new site called has content on various topics related to decoration and the content is getting rich day by day.

Kalekim Case Study


The strategy of the platform's D2C-oriented digital transformation project and the application phase is complete.

The platform will be on air at the last quarter of 2019 with a new user experience and backend structure. We continue working on the UX and conceptual designs for the system infrastructure of the B2B part of the project - which will be a new platform for sub-dealers.

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