Defining DeFacto Omnichannel Operational Excellence Architecture

Kalekim Case Study

Analysis & Research

Our case was to design a holistic customer experience journey for DeFacto. Our challenge was to solve the problem not only for the present but also for the future. By taking this mission, we used PupaHouse’s strength at four main topics.

We carried out an in-depth analysis and prepared an extensive report for DeFacto. Our report covered existing audience and customer analysis, Defacto and Turkey digital audience benchmark, exploration of best digital and omnichannel practices in fashion all over the world, existing omnichannel user experience analysis via web, app and store touchpoints, digital channels and social media accounts analysis, category analysis, sales gap check analysis between online and store.

Kalekim Case Study


In the ideation phase, we defined DeFacto Omnichannel Operational Excellence Architecture by Service Design approach and Design Thinking methodology. We created the customer digital value proposition for the brand, described personas, created a customer journey map, prepared an executive action kit for all outputs.

Kalekim Case Study


In the strategy phase, we created omnichannel strategy canvas for the brand, built the core strategy for customer, merchant and 3rd party service providers, articulated the sub-strategies for users, sales, operation and platform, designed a holistic human experience among stores, website, app and all touch points.

Kalekim Case Study

Conversion Optimization

We analytically explored the additional potential of on desktop, mobile and app platforms. The output plan of Conversion Optimization study was: Increasing customer acquisition and sales, improving the user behavioral metrics, increasing user engagement over platform, optimization of signup and login steps, improving the user path through check-out funnel and fast payment, taking mobile app into the focus from web, optimization of category and product detail pages.

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